Welcome to the XMPP server!

XMPP (also known as Jabber) is an instant messaging protocol. Given you take all necessary measures and properly configure your XMPP client, it allows you to chat with your contacts privately and anonymously. We provide our public XMPP service for free and open a registration to everybody. Our goal is to make our XMPP service as secure as possible. Here you can find our privacy policy, our contact details, and an information how to configure your XMPP client: Never ask us to reset your XMPP password. We never do that. If you cannot recall your password, create a new account.

Addresses of our mirrors in Tor onion network (listed as uids at our PGP key): Use address of the 3rd version if it works for you. Addresses of the 2nd version still work, but they are obsolete in Tor.

Our contact details:

PGP key:0x99111DE03AE50463
SSL certs fingerprints:fingerprints.txt