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Configuration of some XMPP clients for Tor hidden service connection


Account registration (it is simpler to use our web page for that): Connection if the account is already registered:


Use options:

set jid =
set server = giyvshdnojeivkom.onion or sidignlwz2odjhgcfhbueinmr23v5bubq2x43dskcebh5sbd2qrxtkid.onion
set port = 5222
set ssl = 0
set tls = 0

To torify mcabber you can forward its traffic to privoxy by adding the options:

set proxy_host =
set proxy_port = 8118

Then instruct privoxy to forward all its traffic to Tor used as parent proxy. Alternatively, you can proxify (torify) your mcabber with the help of proxychains or torsocks utils. Don't forget to block all non-Tor traffic with the help of a firewall (especially take care of possible DNS leaks).

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